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chewing the chair

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morning everybody, well this morning i thought Coco (6 months) was chewing his toy but thought it sounded to loud when I looked he was chewing the chair and a few of them, so when I think he is chewing his toy obviously not. Now I need to stop it. Any suggestions?
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Morning. Beau started doing the same to our skirting boards etc so we bought some bitter apple spray from the pet shop and sprayed it wherever she chewed - the look on her face was a picture when she went to chew again but it definitely stopped her :)
Thanks I'll have a look out for that. Got to tell hubby yet when he gets home!
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Oh no :eek:

We have only just replaced the door frame and door that out last dog chewed - hoping Eddie doesn't do the same!

Good luck telling your hubby

Mable chewed one of the spindles on the stair case.... waited for the "right" time to tell my hubby ..... but before I had chance he found it !!! He'd hoovered the stairs and missed it, so he was sure he knew when she'd done it .. so I never came clean;)
I used the bitter spray when Dexter once showed interest in a kitchen chair leg and it worked a treat- he hasn't been near one since!
Oh dear ive got all this to come ,thank god my chairs have metal legs!!

I havent even got my pup yet but ive been reading loads! how about given her something else to chew like a bone? or a filled kong frozen so it lasts longer??
Got all this to look forward to,my whole house may smell and taste like bitter apple!,whats the spray called?
Bitter apple spray everytime. Although Lolas' not really a chewer it does the trick. We got ours from the vet. It comes in a white pump bottle with a green and yellow label and is called.... Bitter Apple Spray! I've also never noticed a smell (but that may just be me). Hope you get results. xxx
Ours is called Grannicks Bitter Apple but I am sure if you go to a pet shop they have other makes :)
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