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Has anyone elses poo got a penchant for chewing gum? Maggie loves it. She makes a beeline for anything White on the pavement and uses her paws and teeth to scrape it off the ground. Gross!
The other day my bf came in with her from a walk, what's that she's chewing I asked? As I prised her jaws apart I discovered it was a big lump of chewing gum yuk!!!! She is so quick to get it off the ground that my bf didn't see her!
She does leave it in the house but end up having to drag her away from chewing gum. I can just picture the day it's stuck in her beautiful coat. Anyone elses poo partial to chewing gum? Or anything else weird? Emma x
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Wow! I would never get maggie to sit still for 10mins. Let's hope she continues to show good skills in her removal of gum from pavements and doesn't get it on her coat hehe! The council should just employ cockapoos to remove gum from the high street rather than these expensive steam cleaners! Emma x
Great glad to hear they can grow out of it. Emma x
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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