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Chloe's first snow

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what a lot of fun......
cant wait till eden can run in snow......when we get some:)
Awww Chloe is so gorgeous :D x
Those are great photos, it looks like she loved the snow! She is a gorgeous little pup, and I love her name :)
Wonderful pics ... Chloe looks very sweet :)
What fabulous pictures! Looks like Chloe was having a great time! :)
Lovely pics! Very jealous that Biscuit has not had the chance of snow yet..........
Ahh, chloe is gorgeous! Looks like she had a fab time :)
So cute!! She looks just like my little one - she loves the snow! I am going to post some snow pictures too, but yours put mine to shame, you got some really great pics of her running and enjoying the snow. I Love them!
GREAT PICTURES!!!! hahahha they do love the snow don't they!
We need a little snow in the UK .. its cold here for us at the moment .. so we should have some snow ... I will be ready with my cockapoos and waiting for some snowball fun xxx
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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