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Chosing the right dog

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I have been lurking this forum for a few weeks reading posts, having decided a Cockerpoo is the dog for me... I am struggling finding the right dog, am i being too fussy? I am ideally looking for a show type cocker, not too bothered about poodle side. I want to make sure I get a dog from a reputable breeder and have looked on lots of sites, spoke to breeders but there always seems to be something I am not happy with. If anyone could point me in the right direction or recommend a breeder I would be extremely grateful:)
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My Izzie & Poppy are English show cocker crosses :) Anzil cockapoos is where we got them from & Anthony is great :) Very helpful & a lovely guy, Poppy will be coming home on wednesday :D He is based in Liverpool, I will attach the wesbite link & see what you think :) atm he only has American cockapoos available, but there will be more English born soonish I think, but if you ring up i'm sure he'll let you know what is planned :)

Good luck! x
Hi Tricia

Welcome to the forum :) great to hear you are planning to get a cockapoo..

In your search you will need to consider what type/mix of cockapoo you prefer, ***, colour, breeder and the list goes on .. but it is all good fun and worth putting in the effort during your search to get the perfect puppy for you :)

You will get lots of good advice on here from lots of cockapoo friends and you will find lots of info on My Dogs Life which may help you too ...

Good luck with your seach and we will all be excited to see your new puppy when you pick one ... cockapoos are great .. well I would say that :) and so will everyone else on here we are all cockapoo'ed xxx
Thank you for your help, I have found a puppy:D She is a black and white show cocker/miniature poodle... She is 8 weeks old and I will be bringing her home as soon as I can (my daughter is in hospital and I am with her every day) Hopefully a puppy will speed up her recovery. found her on breeders online
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Congrats :) What will you be calling your puppy?
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