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Inspired by the weekend course I want to get some clippers... anyone
got any reccomendations. What size blade is required ( or doesn't it matter if
you have the right attachment/comb - size 10 in Betty's case??)
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Hi Colin, I have Wahl Pro Series Rechargeable Clipper ... like the fact that they are battery operated, having no lead makes for easy use. They are lightweight and not too noisy ... cost around £50. They are not the most powerful and if I were buying again I'd probably pay a bit more to get a better clipper. I think Karen recommended one recently that she uses on Rufus.
Hi Sue

I know there was a previous thread on this but can't find it now I need it!!

I want to make a one time purchase only so don't mid paying a bit more!
Yes, that's the one Colin. These are the clippers and attachments that they use at Merrist Wood.

Karen xx
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That will be going on my Xmas wish list!
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