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hello! am new to this site, and need advice. I have a beautiful boy (Monty), just over a year old. he is apricot in colour and looks just like a teddy bear. When he has something he wants in his mouth he can be quite nasty, and will not give it up. Is this normal? he looks so cute, but he has a sting in his tail, (only when he has something he should'nt, usually leather,ie shoes, gloves,!) He is full of energy. He gets his walks in, but so much energy still there. We were wondering, should we have him neutered? will it slow him down a bit? he can be a bit nasty towards my Husband too, why is this?!! he is a Mummy's boy for sure. Any advice greatly appreciated

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Hello and welcome. We've been working with Rufus on "leave it" which is applied when he is chewing on bits of the rug, gloves, shirts left around, etc. He wasn't very happy about it at first as he thought anything he could get his mouth on was his but he's getting better about it and figuring out who is boss. Lots of repetition. Best of luck!
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