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hello! am new to this site, and need advice. I have a beautiful boy (Monty), just over a year old. he is apricot in colour and looks just like a teddy bear. When he has something he wants in his mouth he can be quite nasty, and will not give it up. Is this normal? he looks so cute, but he has a sting in his tail, (only when he has something he should'nt, usually leather,ie shoes, gloves,!) He is full of energy. He gets his walks in, but so much energy still there. We were wondering, should we have him neutered? will it slow him down a bit? he can be a bit nasty towards my Husband too, why is this?!! he is a Mummy's boy for sure. Any advice greatly appreciated

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one of the first things a puppy should be thaught its to give things back. you need to teach him to leave and or trade, ie if he has a ball you have one too and you ball has to be more interesting, it can be the exact some ball but you have to make him want it more than the one he has. lots of prase when he gives up the ball, and give him the other one, keep doing this turn it into a game.

for the leave keep a smelly treat that he loves in a closed hand, he doesnt het it till he stops touching your hand with his nose toung or paw. then start telling him to leave the next time so he learns when you say leave it means to stop pestering for the treat and wait.

i take it he doesnt like you going near him when her is eating ? if so do you get him to sit stay before you let him eat.

this is a posesive problem and something you need to sort as one day someone may try to take something from him and her may snap and could hurt them. need to nip this in the bud, teach him that everything he has is only because you let him have it. anything that is he thinks is his is actualy yours.
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with some hard work yes. but every one in the family must get invalved, and you must all do the same thing, i same word commands ie Down means lie down not down off the couch that should be off

before you leave the house for his walk or even leave a room, get him to sit stay, find something he is realy into as a reward, smelly food, fave toy(if he has one take it away and keep it only for training)

you will get there.

do you have any photos of him.
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