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Cockapoo 4 1/2 yr old - Picky Eater

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Hi everyone:

I just strumbled across this site. My name is Evelyn A. I have had two cockapoos. One was first generation, the new one is second generation. I was not aware of that until I read her breed documents. Her name is Luna. She is my companion since my son passed away. She is my Emotion Support Animal (ESA). Luna has become a very picky eater. I posted my concern and frustrations on the Nextdoor platform. Luna has been eating dry dog food up until a few months ago, when all of a sudden, she stopped eathing it. I thought maybe she was tired of eating the same food (Royal Canin Gastrointestinal which is bought only by prescription and its very expensive). So I decided to buy the Nutro Ultra dry for small breeds food), which she refused to eat. My other cockapoo, Mia, who lived for 19 years - She passed away last year - was on the Ultra dry dog food weight management her entire life.

I got 90 responses to my post on Nextdoor. Apparently, there are many, many, many dog owners who suffered from the same picky eater. A lot of them cooked for their dogs. A very nice lady gave me a recipe which I have been following. I also have researched the foods that she could eat. She loves it. So, I make large batches and freeze by either putting in small plastic containers, or quart size freezer bags. Sometimes I use both because I make a larger amount of food.

I love my Luna and she will with me forever. Nice to meet everyone.

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Just make sure if home cooking that you are including all the vitamins and minerals as dogs requirements are not quite the same as human requirements and it is easy to miss things like calcium that they need
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