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Cockapoo countdown

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Hi, I'm Claire. We're getting a Cockapoo in a few weeks' time (v. exciting!). Can't wait. My main worry though is that he will bark a lot and annoy our neighbours (we live in a terraced house). Any suggestions as to how to nip barking in the bud from the outset, as I've heard that they can be quite noisy dogs.

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hey welcome, get puppy used to being on its own from an ealy age, get him used to the fact that you can leave the room without him.

but the best thing you can do is talk to your neighbours exspain to them that you are getting a new puppy and that he will probably be noisy for the first couple of weeks. if you talk to them they should be ok and may be able to help.

is it when your out your worried about or if someone knocks at the door or puts poast through. for that just ring the door bell lots or rattle the door so he doesnt see it as anything to react to. prase him when he is quiet, give a wee shh or a tug on the lead when he barks.

what are you going to call him and what coulor are you going for.

looking forward to photos.
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my ginee barkes at the slightest noise which is a pain in the day if my partner is resting...but will try the tip of rattling the letter box.thanks for that..... or at night when we are all asleep on the bed....yes ginee to...and out of nowhere she leaps up barking and scaring every one out there skin. she is two now and its getting me down. wish i had nipped it in the bud when she was little. by the way the reason she sleeps on my bed is we used to lock her in kitchen from the first night we had her and she cried and scratched all the paint off the door and when she was still doing it at three months old...after knocking the door off its bottom hinges.....i gave up.... but its my fault not hers. i didnt have the knowledge i needed then to train her. be relentless and dont give up yr training. goodluck and have many happy years of love from yr new puppy...ginee will always be called my puppy puppy puppy lol.
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Hey Claire! Welcome to the site. Benny is rather quiet, except when someone walks by the house. So they're not all loud. :p
Darla doesn't seem to react to much. Knocking at the door, letters/papers through the letter box don't seem to bring any reaction. If someone knocks at the door take him with you and he'll be made a fuss of and so he'll see it as a positive thing.
Only barks when we're ignoring her or she's having one of her mad moments and charging around the house. Doesn't even really whine when left alone.

Hi All,

thanks for your replies! I'm going to take some time off work after we've got him and nail this puppy training business as quickly as possible, I think!

Fingers and paws crossed. Only a few more weeks to go...

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