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Cockapoo on treadmill

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Has anyone seen this clip on youtube? At first I felt concern for the dog but after a while I began to feel that Sandy knew exactly what he was doing! Does anyone else's dog enjoy the treadmill?

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Our dog went on the treadmill sometimes during the winter. It was only on the days where it was too cold for a walk outside. She never got to the point where she was on it without a leash tied to the treadmill (or the leash was held by one of us). We definately never left her alone. It was fun to watch but I am not sure how much she liked it. Would do it again though, if necessary :) I am sure the more she did it, the more comfortable she would be with it. At least, "somebody" in the house is using the treadmill ;)
Personally I really don't like it, although the dog does seem to do it of his own free will. But it could never replace a walk - no excitement or smells or meeting other dogs. I've heard that it is sometimes used for rehabilitation of injured dogs.
In my gut I did nt want to watch it .. kept wanting to turn it off,was nt sure if he could get off if he wanted, he obviously wanted to be outside with the other dog. My neighbour used on with their dog after an op. Maybe if there s no other option x
Ahhhh poor thing - seemed like he was being made to run just that little too fast. When they are off lead, running naturally they just don't run like that they have quick bursts of speed and vary their pace a lot. Used to rehabilitate with properly trained staff - great - but done for amusement - not my thing. Let's hope this was just a one off 'for a laugh' and the owner isn't thinking it's a way to avoid walking the dog :(
i think it is a fantasxtic idea. but only if they get normal exorsize the rest of the time. it is a good way of burnning exess energy off some dogs. not everyone can ride a bike and have their dog with them at the same time. its also good for over weight dogs, as you can set a pace for them with no hills or uneven ground. or i think you can tilt them so they have to go up hill or down hill ie for dogs in recovery who need to buils up mussle in their back or frount legs.

other dogs need to reach a serten speed before they han focas. dogs think better when moving forward.
im not sure after all they cant say STOP MUMMY i want to get off !!!!!
With attention constantly it can be a great thing Cesar Milan does it with dogs whos owners have disabilities or if the weather doesn't permit proper excercise. if used properly could be a good tool.
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