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Cockapoo Owners club Comps!!!

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Well they close today.

Thanks Kendal just seen yours :)

Well the photo comp has been really hard to choose. We started making our shortlist ( each) of favs yesterday in preparation.

Then yesterday evening we had a few late entries and OMG they were soooo cute all of them :D:D:D and now Kendals!!! arghhhhhhhhhh too many cute ones.

But we will pick a winner :D

and then we are also choosing the winner for the caption contest- that is slightly easier as it doesn't involve cute doggy pictures. :)
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Question....are the clubs for UK owners only?
Although we are a UK club we do have members in Australia and one in the States. You are more than welcome to join! :D We only called it a UK club because we can't cover events and things in other countries but we are definitley not exclusive to the UK!:D We would love you to be a member if you wanted to join. xxx
I joined! :D Thanks!
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