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Cockapoo owners to be!

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After much deliberation, research and consideration we have found our ideal breeder and have decided to put a deposit down on a 4.5 week old cockapoo boy (show cocker x apricot poodle) and we are going to call him Barney!

Hello to everyone and thanks for making the forum a wealth of information!

We look forward to bouncing ideas off members and finding more out about cockapoos before the little boy arrives and hopefully getting some tips and advice when he arrives!!

Bye for now

Kate & Adam
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Hi & welcome :D
What colour is your little boy?
We brought Poppy home a week & a half ago :) & have had Izzie almost a year, cockapoos are just amazing breeds of dogs :)
That's why so many on here have more than one ;)
Congratulations guys, so glad you found your ideal puppy. We look forward to hearing his tales. Julia and Stephen x
How exciting! Did you manage to take any photos when you chose him? We'd love to see them. :)

Karen x
Great news ... another puppy on the forum .... coming soon Barney :)

Have you got any pics from your chosen breeder, we would love to meet Barney and he may have sibling on here ... which is always nice ... xxx
He's an apricot boy - we did have some pics, but not sure how to upload them on here! Will look into it when I have a bit more time!
Thanks for all the well wishes!
I hope it goes well!!! I have some more reading up to do I think!!
Gorgeous :D My Izzie is apricot/cream, beautiful :)
Picture wise, you can either upload them to photobucket & then copy the IMG code into you post, or you can click 'post reply' rather than just quick reply, and there will be a little paperclip symbol which allows you to upload 5 pictures straight from your computer desktop, that is probably quicker, but depends how many pictures you may have in the future ;)
Hi Kate,
Did you end up choosing from the same breeder I have? x
No, we didn't in the end, we decided to go with a breeder in Sheffield in the end for a few reasons but we're happy with our choice. I think ours will be a little younger than yours as he's 8 weeks on 1st december!
Thanks for your help,
Kate x x
Hi Kate! That is very exciting, looking forward to seeing the pictures. Love the name Barney! :)
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