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Cockapoo Style

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Well it was a bit hot so thought the heavy coat had to go....
So after a swift consultation with groom colleagues....,
Duff is now the Uks only blonde mini Kerry Blue lol
Looks great, superb when she runs, loads of coat removed.
Fingers crossed after a few more trims she will be competition perfect.
Bad photos will try some daylight ones tomorrow.
OH has gone mental lol


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Wow Duff you blond bomb shell ............... i'll bring Dexter when hes bigger for the happyad grooming service!!!! ;)
She is gorgeous! What a lovely shiny coat! :)
she is cool .. thats the main thing ..... Ahh Duffy.

She looks so proud to show off her new cut ... what a gal :)
I do creative grooming for competitions so not a surprise it happened to our dog.
She seems so much lighter on her feet and it shows the versatility of the ole cockapoo.
I'm still really proud of her clean line look. She looks great running around. Now to tackle the others lol
i lobe all the creative grooming, but i could never shave my girls ears, at the moment they are all sporting mohawks, and my step dad has given me and idea that i sop want to do for haloween so will have timme to let them grow out a littlebefore i do it lol cant wait.

you should post some photos of yours work on other breeds, i for one would love to see it.
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Yeah other half not over the moon about shaved ears!
Waiting to see what new pup shape and coat ends up like, maybe a brace of false kerry blues lol
Im off to a competition next week, I will take pics of the others.
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