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Cockapoo That Looks Like King Charles Cavalier

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Hello everyone and I'm really glad I found this forum.

I bought my first dog ever five years ago, and chose a Cockapoo based on what I researched and heard from friends about their wonderful personalities, health, longevity, and low allergy problems. We purchased Zoe from a wonderful breeder and got Zoe's papers; she is a second generation cockapoo, bred from two cockapoo parents. We have her papers and family lineage back to her grandparents on both sides.

Anyway, Zoe does not look at all like a cockapoo. People stop me every day and ask if she is a King Charles Cavalier. She is the only one of her litter of four that does not look like a standard Cockapoo.

We love her like crazy just the way she is (adorable and sweet), but I am wondering if there are any other cockapoos out there with similar physical traits.

I have attached a photo of her on a hike so you can see her fully-grown coat and face.


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Could she be a cavapoo and just taken after the cavalier part in a huge way? I've met cavapoos that look just like cockapoos. Did you see both parents?
HI My Cockapoo Jonas,

Yes, we saw both parents and new the breeder before and after. We have papers, too. Zoe's parents had three litters together in three years and each litter had just one puppy that had the cavalier or cocker look. The other puppies in each litter all looked like standard cockapoos. One thing they all had in common, though, was their coloring: either black/white or light brown all over. All the puppies were much larger than their parents, too. The parents were 8 and 11 pounds and the puppies each grew to about 15-18 pounds. Maybe this was due to their being second generation?
i know some 2nd gens and i know the breeders they normaly have ones that are more cocker and other more poodle but iv not met on the doesnt have a beared. very odd but very cute.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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