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Hi Everyone.

I’m new here so looking forward to getting to know you!

I was wondering if anyone struggles to get their cockapoo to settle in the evening? And by that, I don’t mean at night (he sleeps through the night brilliantly!) but in the evening.

Our cockapoo is 12 months old and is absolutely brilliant in the day time and sleeps through the night, but in the evening he just cannot settle anywhere but the kitchen (where he stays in the daytime sleeps). When we are in the living room in the evening, he paces, scratches at the sofa and barks at (seemingly!) nothing and just gets himself worked up. We have tried playing, using kongs, bones, training, but as soon as we finish whatever activity it is he’s straight back to it. If we take him downstairs to the kitchen he flops on the floor exhausted straight away, but he won’t go down there on his own, and also we don’t want to have to spend our lives in the kitchen!

He humps anything soft in sight, so we haven’t got a bed or anything in the living room where we can train him to go to (and he prefers the hard floor anyway) but we do have him booked in to be neutered in a couple of weeks so we could try that after.

We make sure he has plenty of exercise, we walk him 3 times a day and always let him burn some energy off lead. We try and keep to a very similar routine each day.

We mostly keep him in the kitchen during the day, but when we do let him upstairs to the living room in the day time it doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as bad. So it might be a timing thing (but then he does settle in the kitchen so I really don’t know!)

Does anyone have a similar experience or any advice?

Thank you so much!
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