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Hello! I'm new here, just about to get a Cockapoo (this next weekend!) and was wondering if anyone here lives with a cat as well as a cockapoo. I have 2 large breed cats (Siberian Cats- hypoallergenic) and one of them is really big. He's 24 pounds and not overweight- he's just that big. My big guy has the personality of a dog- comes when called, always near me or my son, very loyal and kind hearted. I also have a girl that is a typical cat- a bit skittish but warms up after a while.

Do your cockapoos do well with the cats? Is it weird to have a cat bigger than the dog? The cockapoo I'm looking at is a maxi so he/she should be able to be almost as big as the cat....

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hey, i dont understand the term maxi.

my girls are the english minituer cross, i would say they are a wee bit taler that your avegege cocker.

we have three cats but only 2 tend to come into the house, and only 1 makes ihimself at home where ever he wants in the house.
my lot get on fab with ouur murphy(standard moggie) we have never had a problem. the run to him just so they can give him lick all over and Echo tries to play with him(doing the play bow and jumping back up again) my lot are bigger than our cats.

but i would say it will be fine you just set the boundrys of what to pup is and isnt alowed to do. also the cats should tell the pup if it is pushing its luck.

good luck, cant wait to see photos of the pup and the cats.
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