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Cockerpoo and cats

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We have an 11 year old female cat. Ludde has lived with us for a little more than 8 weeks now, and he can't seem to get used to the cat. He kind of bugs her all the time. Usually she lays in the same spot (in the sofa) and he tends to jump at her to play - everytime he sees her.

Shouldn't he settle with her by now? Shouldn't he understand that she's not interested in playing?

Any tips?
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it takes time and a good telling off from her. our cat Murphy is probable about 10 and doesn't want to play, Yossa our other cat is probably just younger but looks older Delta still barks at him but our problem with her is because we have a kitten that dose play with her so she doesn't understand that the older cats don't play.

it will take time, but he will get it at some point, you can also tell him off if you think you cat isn't doing enough to put him off.
Ya. Everyyone I know with cats and dogs say they just need a little timethen the cat will show them whose boss and they'll realize not to messs with them!
Well, not to be a downer but we have two cats and Dexter has been with them the entire time he has been here. We always tell him "OFF" when he jumps on them but he just loves to do it. I hope he grows out of it.
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