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hi all coco home now she is lovely, i must say that its a bit overwhelming coco hates her crate and wants to be cuddled constantly, so when she crys we pick her up is this the right thing to do?what time do you all think she should settle down at night as she was up twice in the night 12 and then at 1,i know that everyone on here knows there stuff and its been 17 years since ive had a puppy, our last dog was 15 when we lost her two years ago so its been a while any advice would be fab xx
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lol she is going to have you rapped round her little paw. she is already teaching you to do what she wants.

dont cuddle her when she cry get her interested in something, or play a game with her.

make crate a nice place to be give her treats or something to do in her crate. leave her while you go make a cuppa or when walking about the house so she sees your still around.

crate training can be tuff but stick with it. remember consistoncy is the key. try and make sure she is tierd befor going in. so get her running about so she will want to go for a sleep.
thanks kendal, you have done this four times i think that makes you an expert, will try all your tips, what about at night is 9pm to early for her to go to bed? x:)
depend you you, if that it the time you all go to bed then thats the time she needs to go to bed.

remember you dog fits into you life as well as you having to fit your life around the dog.

it is easier one you have done it with the first one as the second (in most cases) offten settle with the older dog.

remember get her tired before bed, try not to let her sleep right before she is due to go to bed as she will be wide awake when you put her to bed.
thanks very much its so good to be able to get advice, i was so overwhelmed this morning, am feeling much better now x
A new puppy is hard work, and they can find it hard to settle ... each puppy is different too...

All mine have liked a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel for comfort at night and complete darkness too... some pups like a radio on but I never wanted to get into that habit myself... I did sleep downstairs with Oakley and yes I would do it again, but only because my kids need their sleep and so do I.. I think the best advice I can give you, is do what suits you, it’s your puppy and your way of doing things... just be clear in your own mind what you want to achieve and it will work...

I planned one week on the sofa in the same room as Oakley and after that I returned to my bed, yes he did continue to get us up at 5.30am but no crying through the night and the whole family slept well .. even me .. it really is what works for you and your puppy ... there is no right and no wrong xxx
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Thanks jojo, coco is keeping my son awake too and thats a worry, when she is in her crate the sound she makes is so upsetting, she is such a darling little thing its not nice when she is so upset xx
I totally understand and you have to think of coco as well as the rest of the family.

We had Oakley very young only 6 weeks old, and I just felt he missed his litter mates and the comfort of them, so I slept in the lounge with him, he was in his crate and I was snug on the sofa, this way I was there to reassure him with a gentle stroke through the cage, the rest of my family could sleep and also I was not totally exhausted each morning.. it just worked for us .... he just needed a bit of reassurance and I moved further away each night... then after a week he was in the kitchen in his crate and I was in my bed zzzzzzz

Many people would say to leave them cry and I am not against this in anyway, it just wouldn’t work in our house, with two kids, a hubby who needs to get up early and our bedroom is above the kitchen where the dogs sleep...

I do know that you shouldn’t start bad habits that is why I chose to keep Oakley in his crate during this time, I only ever gave my hand for comfort.. it was 1 week and well worth it for me.... as long as there is an aim, my aim was 1 week to be back in my bed and Oakley in the kitchen with no crying ... :)

Do what works for you .... keep us posted ... good luck tonight ... make a plan and stick to it. xxx
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i will do, thank you xx
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I went for the tough love approach - Izzy was put in her crate at bedtime and ignored until 6am. She cried the first night for about half an hour, then stopped, woke twice in the night and cried but I didn't go down to her and she did settle again after about 10 minutes each time. The second night she cried for about 30 mins again, the third night she settled. It is really hard, but it won't last long :)
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Tough love approach does work for sure ... and most will recommend it ... I am just too soppy and I do worry about the rest of the family being disturbed.. one week on the sofa with a cute pup next to you isn't so bad :) ha ha ha ....

I hope Coco was a good puppy last night ... xxx
We have had Tilly for just over two weeks now and I have the crate next to me in our bedroom. I tried her downstairs but we also have a cat the kept waking Tilly up so I decided to put her in our room. She goes to sleep when I go at 10 and up to two nights ago she would sleep until 6 but the last couple of nights she has been waking up earlier! I am hoping it will pass.
This is what worked for us we all need to sleep!!!
Good luck
hi everyone, put coco in her crate last night and she became very upset, then my son got upset,not good,coco did settle but not in her crate but on my sons bed. i feel such a failure i know i gave in to quickly but its tough watching your child distressed about his little pup crying. xx
Anne Marie please don’t be so hard on yourself .. you did what was right at the time ...

Sending you a big hug

Coco is obviously not settling at night, just an idea but you could try keeping her in her in her crate but next to one of your beds, or even sleeping downstairs next to her crate ..

Just think about where you eventually want your puppy to sleep, if you don’t mind her sleeping with your son then that is just fine, like I always say it has to suit you and your puppy...

If I had one dog, yes it would sleep upstairs but I have two ... three in a few weeks time and it just wouldn’t be practical for us, and mine do like their crates ... please don’t worry, make a plan and think about what is best for you all xxx
Thanks jojo i think im going to let her sleep in with my boy i know that would make him happy and coco will settle.Did you say dog number three? please tell us more, colour, type, boy/girl? cant wait to hear all about it xx:)
Good for you .. its your puppy and you have to do what makes you all happy :)

Yes number 3 ... hopefully coming soon :) I am going to see her (girl) in a few weeks time so I will properly announce her then, I don't want to share all the infor until I have actually met her and of the breeder .. I have to follow my own puppy buying guide and this search has been a hard one .. but I am really happy :)

Ok I will give a bit more away .. Girl ... only 2 weeks old at the moment ... Dad a mini poodle and mum is a beautiful english cocker, stunning dogs and I am bursting with excitement ... as soon as I meet her I will announce her promise xxxxx finding a name is causing me a headache .. have a few on the short list, but then another list got started ... ha ha ha ... JoJo's cockapoo world ...
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Annemarie don't worry about it what ever works for you and your family! Like I said Tilly is next to me in our room and that works for us!!

I am just trying to get her used to being on her own. Came home to a lovely poo on the floor!! Joy!!
Its really hard to hear them cry but they will settle when they are ready and it is totally up to you what you do to make it work for your family!!
Thanks everyone for you support it has helped more than i can say,oh jojo i cant wait to hear all about your little bundle of fluff, i hope all goes well for you good luck:)
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