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sorry everyone having a bit of trouble, have put pics on gallery but cant get them on thread maby kendal can help put them on for me as i know she is a wizz at that sort of thing' coco is 6.2kg and 14in she is 27 weeks old xx
Beautiful pic!!
Think i have done it (well i hope) xx
Simply gorgeous!!! xx
Coco is gorgeous! I just love her coat :)
OMG I love her she is absolutely stunning!! I Just love sables and have a little sable boy arriving from usa next month,he was jet black at birth,what colour was coco when she was born,do you have any pics? xxx
Oh thanks all, her coat is lovely and getting very long, i trim round her face but the fur on her back and legs is looking like it needs a trim, i do worry about her loosing that lovely colour once cut,what do you all think cut or not cut? xx
Hi mandy, thankyou, coco was chocolate with white bib and beard and tips of white on back pawsxx
coco at about 4 weeks
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She is wonderful ... I am loving these pics .. Please can I have an update pic of the blog :) please email some pics xxx

Coco you are something special xxx
Hi jo jo nice to talk to you again hope you are well, i will get some pics done today and email them to you, do you think coco needs a trim? xxx
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Hi Anne Marie .. no don't cut that stunning coat lol ....

When she is cut the sable will be gone for good, I think what I would do is just trim around the eyes, face, paws and toilet area .. and try to keep it long ... I realise thee will come a day when she needs a more practicla cut but at the moment as long as you can manage it .. keep it longer ..

Sable is so gorgeous .. keep it for as long as you can .. well thats what I would do if Picnic was a sable :)

Many thanks, I will look forward to getting some more lovely pics of Coco in my inbox xx
Thanks Jojo, no trim for now, have sent you the pics let me know if you need more xxx:D
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Oh she is precious :)
The colour change in her coat is truly amazing! What colour can you expect eventually?
I predict Coco will be a pale toffee colour to cream colouring ..... when / if all the black sable is cut out ... isnt she just wonderful ..

Thank you so much Anne Marie for the pics .. I am smiling at my laptop :) :)
I dont think she needs a trim yet,she is just perfect! my daughter thinks she has a similar face to miley xxx
Hi MandyM ...

Have a peep here for more Coco pics:


I have some more pics, so I will update this feature asap :) I knew you would love her ... sable beauty hey
Is she an American mix? She looks so much like an American red we walked with today. Should have taken a pic!
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