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Coming into season ?

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Now then , apart from the obvious !!! are there any signs that indicate that your bitch is coming into season. Mables booked in to be done tomorrow if the vet thinks she's mature enough, she's 6 months. No real signs of anything from her but Wilf has been trying to "hump" her all afternoon, he's not intact thankfully just not sure if I'm too late for tomorrow.:confused:
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Got no advice at all but did have a little chuckle thinking about you trying to shoo wilf away from mabel all afternoon (sorry very bad sense of humour) good luck for tomorrow!!!

jools :)
I have no advice, sorry. I was just wondering how the vet decides if she is mature enough? I hope you don't have to wait!
she will probably be fine, all my girls were done around 6 months.

never had a bitch in season , but from what i have seen in others her volva would be swolen and she would be produsing a clear discharge, licking alot and presenting her bum to wilfi probably.

his humping could be anything, Echo humps Delta like mad (hmm i think that could be classed as insest lol) but Echo is a very Dominent and posesive dog.
She does nt appear any different and have nt noticed any signs, nyway im sure the vet will know tomorrow. Regarding maturity they just checked her vulval area and at 5 months said she was nt mature enough , so may not be having anything done anyway. Just a bit odd with Wilf behaviour .... probably just spring fever x
Aww poor Wilf is all confused :) Hope Mable is able to be done and over with tomorrow... so she can start healing and get all ready for spring fun in the (FINALLY) nice weather!
let us know about mabel! Lady was ready at just over 6 months....it's a rough few days....all lady wants to do now is jump around...lots of pent up energy
Oh yes, tomorrow is today! (duh) Was Mable able to go in?
Yeh took her this am at 9 vet thought she was ok, just brought her home. Poor little baby... she criiiiiiiiiied when I lifted her out of the car then is just laid on a rug asleep on living room floor. She was too weak to stand but it obviously hurt her to lie down .. her head and front paws were on the rug with her back end in the air.... sat here on puppy vigile x
awwwwww poor poor mable!! I hope she feels better tomorrow xoxo
OH POOR MABLE!!!!! yes lady had a hard time laying down on her tummy for the first few days she figured out flopping to her side was better...she was soar, swolen and a little purple too....one week down now and she is ready to go! oh Mable I feel for you little girl!!!!! so does Lady I am sure! it hurts to see them like that. hugs and puppy kisses!
Get well soon Mabel sending you big (but gentle) hugs :hug: x
Thankyou all .... I have nt seen it yet. Can just see the side of her tummy where they've shaved her.. she's got black speckles where her black hair grows. Roll on next week lol x
I didn't see lady's day one...I was afraid, got up the courage day too...now no issues at all.
Poor puppy :( Hope she feels much better by morning.
Love and kisses to her and hope for a speedy recovery :kiss::hug:
Hope she feels better soon & hopefully wilf is giving her some some space ;) Lotsa hugs:hug: mable xx
Ahhh, little Mable. She be back to normal in no time. Kisses from Mandy and Flo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
hi karen
hugs to mabel too
hope she feels better soon..
thank you all again ... yeh Wilf greeted her really nicely when she came home and has just gone and sniffed her a couple of times .... got told off for doing that come and play bow expecting her to chase him but other than that blip he's been really good. She s still on th rug been whimpering at times, did however manage to eat abit, typical Mable and has only just weed poor love ... might camping down here tonight to continue my vigile x
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