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As you all know I was having trouble with Axles potty training. I finally nipped that in the butt. But now I have a new concern. :( Lately Axle will bark at my husband and I for no reason and its so ear shattering that the only way he will stop is if I put him in his crate. I do not want to use the crate as "punishment" but his bark literally gives me headaches. I take Aleve at night just to ease the pain in my head. Also, Axle has the same pee area for the past month and it has worked great BUT the past 3 days when I take him out he will just want to explore rather then pee, then come in the house and bark at me like mad. What's going on?

I live on the third floor so its a little annoying to take him out every single time he barks for no reason AND I am afraid of noise complaints. He even does his obnoxious barking at 3am. :(

Please help.
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Cockapoos seem to be really noisy dogs! Dylan is dreadful and barks for any reason he can think of. But mainly he barks when he plays or wants to play or let off steam. So maybe Axle is just getting more energy or wants more play or walks than he has up to now. And as his bladder control gets better he might not want to pee as often. The main concern I have is that they seem to be really high energy dogs, and I think Dylan probably could do with more exercise than I give him, but we all have busy lives so I guess there has to be a compromise. Maybe instead of taking him out every time you could try throwing a favourite toy for him to fetch and run around indoors?? Not at 3am though!! There are lots of barking remedies, including using a water spray which might train him not to bark as much. Tell us how you get on, as this seems to be an issue that I'm facing as well.
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my lot barck but i have never alowed them to bark AT me. inc has an impaitens bark that she does if im getting ready to take them out a walk. but its the only time she doese it. does he respont to comands when barking like can you get him to sit or down, something that you can dpo to gain controle of the siruation. is their a perticular thing that triggers his barking. if you can find the thing that triggers him then you can set up a controled situation so you are prepaired to give him a corection rather than waiting for it to happen and having to think on you feet. its all about timing. one well timed and confident correction is work 10 little halfharted ones.
wow i must have a really good cockapoo in wispa she never barks! but i have to say i do tire out she runs in the field for a good hour in the morning and the my husband takes her out for at least half and hour in the evening, my advice is loads of play hind treats in places and make him find them. sometimes they need to be mentally worn out too.
good luck and keep up the good work. ;)
Oh, yeah, Dexter will bark at anything. BUT the good news is that you can train them to NO BARK. We are working on it and of course, it is slow going but we have seen some progress.
He will not respond to NO BARK, he will sit down though however. He is excellent at sitting down. I can get him to calm down ONLY if I get on the floor with him. My husband and I play with him ALL the time in the house. We play catch together all the time. Take him to the doggie park. Go for a family walk every single night, he has so mnay toys, we give him treats all the time and he has chew toys. I am thinking that maybe he is trying to communicate with me? As far as the peeing situation, I think I am going to start taking him out every 5 hours vs 2 - 4 because I know that he is not in training anymore so maybe you are right and he is just holind it in because he knows how to control his bladder. I am going to start that today.

Thank you again guys! I will keep you updated.
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