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Confussed with feeding

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We are due to bring our new cockapoo puppy (Callie) home on Thursday. She is 8 weeks old and I have a couple of questions concerning feeding.

I picked up some Blue Buffalo Natural Chicken and Oatmeal food for her (on the recommendation of the person at the pet food store). I've read a couple of posts that say puppies should be feed twice a day and I remember reading one that said 3 times a day.

When I look on the package though it says once a day and for her age group (1-3 months) she should only get 1/8 to 1/4 of a cup.

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Hi Evader .. not the same food but Im feeding Mabel 4 times a day ... and she wants it shes starving ... roughly 7,11,3,7 . I ve read to feed 4 x til 10 weeks then drop to 3 . My husband even fed her in the night one night last week cos she was nuzzling our older dog !! Good luck not long now ... Im shattered its like having a new baby x x
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