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Cookie is Home YAY

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Brought Cookie home yesterday and she is just so perfect. Was very unsure yesterday but seems so much happier and confidents today. Cookie just loves the back garden she has been following everyone around to day trying to get out there when ever possible. She was so good last night when it was bed time only cryed a small bit and snuggled in to her create. The only thing I am a tiny bit worried about is that she is not eating very much at the moment. But Im just leaving her food bowl down and she is seems to be eating little and often. :D:D:D

Oh I will try to add some pics now as well
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Cookie pic needed :)

Great news your puppy is home ... please don't worry too much about the not eating as she is settling in .. keep an eye on it, if she is not eating at all in a couple more days ... you may want to call you vet .. but it is quite common for puppies not to eat much in their first few days of being in a new home .... all mine have done this.
Pics !!!!!!!!! (Fingers Crossed)


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yay! a new baby! enjoy!
she sure is a cutie!!! hi cookie!
What a lovely Cookie... all sounds to be going great x
oh yes pic worked .. she is a sweetie ... love her to bits xxxx
Great to see Cocoa's sister is home !! Cookie looks a bit more like her Dad than Cocoa. Cocoa was not too into her food for the first day or so - a lot different now though - does anything for a treat ! Must be the way they were reared in Hintlesham as Cocoa loves being outside too.
All the best Vicky and Cookie !
Berny here, I disagree, Cookie and Cocoa look so similar, including their white chests and white tufts below their mouths. Soooo cute !!!
what a sweetie! Congratulations Vicky, hope all goes well for you all.xxxx
Sounds like your having fun - we just brought our puppy Billy home this weekend too, he also has a white bib and beard! It's very exciting isn't it!!
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