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Could I ask your opinions on a 'poo bathing idea

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for a long time now we have been meaning to "do" our utility room - take out existing stuff and put in new etc etc etc. Having suffered the wet/muddy feet and dirty 'poo of the last few weeks rain, I had an idea. Do you think this would work?

I am thinking of getting one of those big catering style stainless steel sinks and putting that in the utility room along with one of those taps that comes out on a hose that you normally use for washing vegetables. So when Gisgo is grubby, we bring him into the house via the utility room door and he could go straight into the big sink for a bath/shower.

He's only just 5 months old now, and this seems like it would work......but do you think it will be a good plan that will work longer term eg when he is older and bigger? It certainly would be preferable to carrying him upstairs into the bath. (and is a good incentive for finally getting the room sorted out!)
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My opinion = excellent idea! I'm lucky that my bathroom is downstairs and the first room you get to after the front door. I would find it a nightmare if I had to carry Nacho around the house when muddy to get to the bath. It's time to get to work! :)
Brilliant idea - if I hadn't just converted mine into a catering kitchen, I would have followed suit!
Thanks - I will need to speak nicely to hubby! Its much harder to do anything around the house these days than it was before Gisgo arrived.....seems to be a general backlog of "jobs" about the place!

Ali - don't suppose you have any tips on where to get cheap catering sink from?
I had to get a double sink with double drainer.
A big butler sink would be good....otherwise look at local trade suppliers online or in yellow pages. Good luck, I am now wondering if I could something in my downstairs loo.......
Hi, what a coincidence, we are just doing that now! We've gone for a Belfast sink not steel as our joiner thought the steel would get scratched with peppers claws. We've also gone for the tap that extends so we can shower underneath her and granite worktops as a normal worktop would need replacing often as the chipboard would swell with the wetness from dog washing . Husband thinks it sounds like the most extortionate dog wash in town ha ha. Pepper is 11kg and fully grown and the sink is fine for her size. I've always had to carry a muddy dog up by beige stair carpet and have her shaking herself all over my new bathroom so am very excited about the new utility :)
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What a good idea - we have a sink in our utility already - one of those extendable shower heads would be a great idea. (off I go to research !!!)
Great idea. My new utility room has of just finished being built with nothing in it yet. Just need to persuade hubby that we need a new big sink with a fancy hose pipe tap ��
ooh you lucky people, we have a kind of utility area but unfortunately no sink, think it'll be buckets of water in the garden for our boy!! actually I was thinking of looking for an old belfast sink to keep outside to wash him down in when really muddy, not had one of those days yet as not been going out long.
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