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Counter Surfing

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Cara has reached our kitchen work tops!!!!

She can stand on her back legs and get her chin on them!!

Prime candidates for doggy theft are the dish cloth, pan scouters, oven gloves or tea-towel.

Other than a firm no and moving everything to the back of the counter, any advice for human conquering of this new Poo game?

K xx
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Oooo, what a clever girl! (Sorry, that's not particularly helpful I know!)

Turi x
Max can do the same on the dining table now, worktops are higher thank goodness... good luck!
Oh Beau does the same. I can't believe how cheeky he is. We went to my mum's for dinner a couple of days ago and when our backs were turned he pulled a bottle of sherry off the wine rack. Then he kept trying to get the ferrero rocher which were on the kitchen table. He hasn't worked out yet that if he climbs onto the kitchen chair he can reach everything, and I am not about to show him. Ha ha these poos certainly keep us on our toes!! :D
The best way is to just make sure they are kept clear and there is no reward for doing the surfing. The behaviour should then decrease and hopefully stop.

Telling off will only work if you are around. If you are not then the dog knows it can get away with it.

If you want an active method you need to set it up so the work tops punish the dog for jumping. If your dog doesnt like noise setting it up so pan lids will fall if they jump up could work or something similar. John Rogerson at a course I went to many years back suggested putting double sided sticky tape alone the front of the work tops so that the dog was nipped as its hair was pulled on the tape and it put them off. Or he had bangers that went off when the dog moved things that he got from a joke shop but I havent tried either method personally.

Keeping the worktops clear is the easiest method and a good habit to have LOL that was what I did with my collies who would do it. I had to put a cover over the gas cooker as Zak turned the gas on one time I was out ...... :eek:
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Just remembered - when we were trying to train the cats not to go on the worksurfaces we'd leave paper plates full of water on the edge when we weren't there. Not sure if that would work with a dog as they might not be bothered by water in the same way but worth a go!

Turi x
I had this problem a couple of times and asked the trainer about it. Her advice was to have a tin near the worktop edge containing something to make a noise like golf balls. The idea was that when they pull it down they give themselves a fright which will put them off doing it again.

I didn't do the tin thing, but Bess once pulled a large china mixing bowl full of icing - she managed to get it by pulling the cord of the electric mixer I was using (I had turned my back for a second to get milk). Anyway the whole lot came down with a huge CRASH which gave her (and me) quite a shock, and she has never tried to get anything from the worktop since!

Sue x
Oohhh wow what a bunch of munchkins these lot are ..... like the idea of a set up that might work ... as for the ferrero roche NOT GOING TO HAPPEN .... MINE!!!!

Will let you know how I get on!!
Came home today to find Dexter had taken my new calendar that I spent ages last night filling in of the kitchen worktop and shredded it so I can totally understand where you are coming from.
Isn't it wonderful to know there's more than just you in this little boat..
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