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We are patiently (or not so patiently:D) awaiting our puppy to be born mid June. We've been in regular contact with the breeder and she has been great with lots of advice so far, the Mummy is an orange Roan show type Cocker and the Daddy is a miniature chocolate brown poodle. The last litter were all chocolate brown. She thinks this litter will be the same. We get to pick our pup mid July. So far the names list is either Pippa, Betsy, Nelly or Suki. My little girl Poppy bursts out crying with what she calls happy tears every time we talk about it:). I've gotten so much info from here already, and still tons more to learn, but I'm going to be honest..I'm terrified about it all, lol! I'm sure it will all be ok. Was anyone else anxious about bringing a puppy home?
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