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Crate Training ...

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Hello - I'm looking for all advice and tips you wonderful people have!

We bought home our gorgeous Archie on Saturday and got straight on with crate training. He is fine going in to have his water and food and we have put his bed in there to make it cosy/comforting for him.

We put him in at night and he whines, for a bit but soon settles down. Then whines again in the morning, I guess when he wants out for toilet? We haven't been down to re-assure him - is this the right thing to do?

Also, I am working from home so we bought him a beautiful play pen for him to bumble around in during the day. It's very large and we have put in training pads, toys, blankets, treats, water. He was ok in there for an hour, but then howled so bad I thought he'd hurt himself really badly. So I made the mistake of coming down to see if he was ok. He now won't leave my side :( I know I've broken the rules about giving in - but it was honestly heart breaking.

What can we do to make his experiences in his crate/play pen more fun for him?
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Luckily he is young enough for you to train him that crates and puppy pens can be fun! You need to make the crate/pen somewhere that he wants to spend time. When you leave him ensure he has some chew toys and better still a kong toy filled with something yummy (there are kong recipes on this forum). This will keep him occupied and distract him from wondering where you are.

He will need regular toileting but if you keep track of when he last went you will know whether he is just trying it on or needs to go out ;). Make sure you never let him out when he is whining only when quiet. :)

My Cockerpoo is nearly six months and we have had her two weeks. She is terrible when we leave her in the crate, she gets into a complete tizzy, sweating, panting, howling and whining. She then goes quiet and you think she must have settled when actually what she is doing is destroying her latest bed or blanket! :rolleyes:

I am sure Archie will be fine :), he is only little and they learn things so quickly. :)
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