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Crate training

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My cockapoo puppy is now 9 weeks old and has been home with us for 9 days. She sleeps in her crate at night time with half the crate covered with newspaper and the other half with blankets and her bed. If she has a poo in her crate she hides it under her bed instead of just going on the newspaper and this is making a right old mess and making it difficult for us to see if she's been. During the day she is very well toilet trained and only goes in the garden.
Does anyone have any advice as to why she hides it? I'm wondering whether to take her bed of the crate and just leave her blankets in? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Im not sure why she does this but if its any help when Buddy was little i just had a vetbed in his crate not a bed the vetbed fits the length of the crate at first i would fold in half and have half the crate covered with a puppy pad after a couple of weeks i stopped putting the pad in and just had the vetbed Buddy never went in his crate as he wanted to keep it clean.Must admit i went down at about 5.30am the first couple of weeks then he seemed to wake later as the weeks went on and now its approx 6.45-7am.
They hide it because they don't want to mess in their crates....What time is her last feeding?? maybe try feeding earlier and trying to get her to do a poo before bed.
Thanks! We have taken the bed out of the crate as she didn't really sleep in it and has been clean since! Can't believe how quickly she has adjusted to everything! I definitely think the crate helps speed up the training process!
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