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Our little Indy who is 8 weeks old has been toilet tea from day 1 and has never peed or pooed inside, we are now on day 3. We take her out around 12 then she gets up for a pee at around 4.30 and goes back to bed until 5.30.

However, when she gets up at 5.30 she’s soooo full of energy and even after her normal routine she doesn’t settle well in her crate. She cries on and off for a long time while everyone gets up and ready, even if we try to be quiet. The rest of the day she is happy to sleep in her crate and even goes in there when she’s tired but the first nap of the day is really horrendous. She cries and helps and gets herself into an awful state and today it lasted so long I had to get her out again as it was time for a toilet break. Does anyone else have a similar issue or suggestions? :)
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