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Cutest pics ever!!!

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Hi all

Im hoping some of you will post the cutest pic ever of your cockerpoos...I still have to wait 4 weeks before I can bring Blossom home and just over a week before I can see her again. Im getting withdrawal symptoms and would love to see more of your piccys.:) xxxx
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Cockapoo Love ...

You want cute .. My Honey is a real darling (well I adore her)...

I need a puppy :)
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oh, yes JoJo, that one of Honey is definitely one of my favourites :)
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hmmm, cutest of Izzy? I have lots more on the camera to post up, including a poo one...
My best of Izzy is still the one taken by JD after puppy picking, I'll post some more for you Blossom, not wanting to bore everyone :laugh:
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Soooo gorgeous JoJo...Thankyou. Im soo puppy broody lol. :love-eyes:
oooh I cant wait Ali...I could never get bored at looking at pic of cockerpoos.:)
Bring on Izzy we need puppies on this thread ... not just my love birds :) :)

Put Blossom up too .. she is yours .. just not home yet :)
Blossom, have you seen the videos by Jukee Doodles? They did updates for us when their pups were born a few weeks ago. Their website is jukeedoodles.com Happy viewing :D
... and they have more puppies due :whoo:

Their is also a Sticky on one of the forums to sort your pitapata out! :D
lol yes i am often looking at Jd vids on you tube, love them. Thankyou Ali, yeah dont really know what happened to my pita pata so I will look at the sticky and try to sort it out.:D xxx
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