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Great job Sarah! Was that your first attempt? We've just started doing it ourselves too and although not perfect at it - it's been easier than we thought. x
I have only taken her to a groomers once and after coming back with a pointy nose I have stuck to doing it myself. This was my first proper cut though without just using scissors but it was really needed and I am so pleased with her new summer look! :) Just need the sun back now!

Well done Sarah, she looks lovely.:) I hope I can achieve the same result when I have go at giving Bess a trim over the next few days.
Thank you Sue. I am sure you will be able to achieve a good look. It wasn't too hard in the end and Daisy was very good with the clippers which was a relief. :) I have always been very precious about Daisy's coat but ultimately practicalities won! :D I quite enjoyed playing hairdresser/groomer although I think the kids are slightly concerned now ;)

You have done a brilliant job of grooming my number 2 Poo as she looks as gorgeous as ever so I will forgive you for cutting off her curls but no shorter please or I will have to come to one of the meets and Poonap her ;) x
Thank you Ali. I think of you everytime I cut Daisy's coat :D I didnt want to take it all off but I think I have achieved a happy medium for the summer. :) I would love you to come along to a poo meet! :) xxx
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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