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Which dates can you make for a Northern Meet?

  • Saturday 13th August

    Votes: 5 45.5%
  • Sunday 14th August

    Votes: 9 81.8%
  • Saturday 20th August

    Votes: 3 27.3%
  • Sunday 21st August

    Votes: 5 45.5%
  • Saturday 27th August

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Sunday 28th August

    Votes: 3 27.3%

Dates for Northern Meet

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I was a bit bored and thought I'd look at how to do a poll, so you can work out which date would be the best for your meet. Hopefully, it will work!

Click which ones you can make - you can choose more than one option!
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good idea Louise... not assertive enough to choose otherwise, incase someone cant make it ;)
Will you be coming? x
how many choices can people make
Thanks for doing this - calendar is filling up fast and I really want to come to this. Poppy needs some friends to play with!
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I think you can click on as many dates as you can make. So, then you can choose which one the most people can get to.

I will try to get up to it, yes, as long as no-one minds me claiming dual nationality, having been Southern last weekend!
Why ever not you need your passport though, a flat cap and possibly dress Rosie as a Whippet ;) I would have gone at weekend but 3.5hrs was pushing it a little plus the delays Im sure I would have encountered... I would have been pulling up as people were leaving. x
I am actually far more northern than southern, but where I live now, it is a real mixture and my kids have started saying things in a southern accent, which I find really strange. Baaath and plaaaaaster and sandcaaaastle!
good idea thanks hope to make it with poppy too hi to michelle and poppy:)
Has anyone got ideas for venues then and we can do the same (please Louise !! ) or is it Round Hay x
we are in wigan happy to travel to yorkshire but cant help venue wise happy to be guided by those east of pennines
Has anyone got ideas for venues then and we can do the same (please Louise !! ) or is it Round Hay x
Oh wow - looks like it's all coming together for you. Look forward to all the stories, pics and videos. Would recommend stocking up on Easidri towels if you are going anywhere near water :D
Got mine ordered have you??? and I think I might order a couple for keeping in the car, think we ought to organise a half way M1 meet ?????? x
Got mine ordered have you???
Mine arrived today and is brill at taking all the water out of a wet, soggy coat. Will be in the holiday/beach rucksack for sure.
Has anyone got ideas for venues then and we can do the same (please Louise !! ) or is it Round Hay x
So far, the venue suggestions you've had are Roundhay Park, Gledhow Valley Woods, Trentham Gardens and Ilkley. If anyone has any other suggestions, I'd be happy to do another poll (it was easy peasy).
Now come on Louise I think your taking the Micheal now ... with your easy peasy ... remember its me we are talking about ;)
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Hi back Helen. Would be really lovely to see Poppy with her siblings! Looking forward to it.
Well its looking like Sunday 14th Aug was the winner ... would you be able to poll venues Louise, pretty please :D
Agreed! See the other thread for discussion for a North West Poo meet!
We had a meet at Round Hay Park in Leeds on Aug 14th... there are photos on another thread we had a great time, but yeh a North West meet is being planned x
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