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Day 2 with new pup!

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HI all, We bought our little man home yesterday, he is called Riley and is 8 weeks old. We are all thrilled with him and he will be amuch loved family pet with our 3 children aged 12, 9 and 5.
Last night was a long one and he cried and whined most of the night but as were advised we didn't go to him until 6am this morning and despite the noise he was fine and very happy to see us.
Riley has a crate and I initially wanted to completely crate train him as in no paper down in crate etc but in reality once we had him home and realised how much he wees we have decided to use the crate half and half bed and paper and follow the paper training instead - maybe a wimp but I just don't know how you can leave a pup in a closed crate with nowhere to toilet?
Could anyone advise me how much food I should be giving him? He is currently on Science Plan, 4 small meals a day between 7am and 9pm but want to check I am feeding him the right amount?
Appreciate any advice


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Welcome, glad to see you have managed your first night!! The crate traing thing, paper or no paper is your own preference. Niether is right or wrong. I don't have experience with science plan but have heard others say it isn't the best food but if its what he was on at the breeder then you will have to gradually change him over, if you choose to. I think the usual is 3 meals of good quality puppy food, whichever you choose, they should all have guidelines on them and you can adjust according to Riley's appetite and weight.
If it is Hills science plan it is one of the best qualtiy complete dry foods around- certainly up there with royal canin and proplan.
There should be a guideline for feeding on the back of the bag- amounts will vary due to age and weight of the puppy. :)
Hi, welcome to the fourm.
Aww what a cutie Riley is, and i love the name (my sister might be calling her new baby Riley lol)
I have seen you have already been given advice about the food :) look forward to seeing more pictures :D
Hi & welcome! :)
My Poppy came from the breeder with science plan as well but once that was used up we started using the rest of a huge bag of puppy food left over from Izzie being a pup haha. Glad you got through your first night :) Hope he settles better tonight for you! I also love the name Riley :)
Thank you all and glad you like his name, it was a huge family discussion!!
Yes am planning to change his food, mostly coz it is soooo expensive! I have been given a sample of an alternative food from my local supplier and it is a big enough sample to be able to combine foods and change over slowly.
Think I have managed to read the miniscule writing correctly on the packet of science plan so will continue with the four feeds for a couple of weeks and then reduce it.
Hoping for a quieter night but think that is wishful thinking, will keep you all posted - worse than having a new baby again!

Thanks again


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