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Definitely a rose ?

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Hi to everyone, great forum

Well I've been in the background for too long, time to say hello and introduce our Rosie.
She a 10wk F2 cockerpoo who seems to be growing so fast and colours are popping out all over. She seems to be more cocker then poo at the mo! But as I read they can change over time.
Here are some of her pics, the older dog is mum.

Just getting used to using the forum so forgive any mistakes!

A dog is for life!!!


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She is gorgeous.

Im a fan of the cocker face so she is a wee sweetheart :) The genetics are a gamble so some may be more one parent (or grandparent) than another and then some other pups just take a while to fuzzy up and get their true coats when the adult one comes in. Time will tell whether she is going to take after her parents or her cocker grandparent.

My two are f1s and at the moment both very much have the cocker face. Im daft on them so dont care whether they get the facial fuzz or not.

Keep taking photos so you have a record of how she changes and matures.

Welcome to the forum
Awwww she is very cute! Welcome to the forum. x
Hello and :welcome:
Hi & welcome!
She is sooooo cute! :) & a sweet name :D
Time will tell on how she will look when she is older, my newest pup looks a bit more cocker than poodle as well so we're not sure how she'll look when she's older yet.
Her mum is lovely :) She looks quite a bit like my Izzie (my older girl).
Enjoy your cockapoo! She's beautiful :D
Welcome to the forum .. Rosie and family

I love the name Rosie ..

Enjoy your cockapoo and the fun chat on here xxx
Welcome to you and Rosie, she is gorgeous! xx
Aww! What an adorable little puppy! I love her little face :)
Welcome to the forum. :) Rosie is lovely. You can certainly see a strong orange roan cocker influence. As Soo says, keep taking photos. I look forward to seeing her grow and change. :)

Karen xx
She is a little darling ,cant wait to get my cockapoo Maddy:)
Hello and welcome to another Rosie - it must be one of the most popular names on here nowadays! She is beautiful and, having spent the weekend cutting hundreds of matts out of my Rosie, I am very jealous of the cocker look!
Hi Everyone

Thank for the warm welcome and lovely comments.

She is a gorgeous little puppy as we keep being told on our walks, and it does take a bit longer to get round because of the comments and attention, but she is very well behaved and so quick at learning thanks to my wife's training efforts, let's not speak too soon!!

I Look forward to Chatting in the forum and posting Soon :)

A dog is for life!!!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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