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Dexter home from kennels

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We picked up Dexter from his first visit to kennels at the weekend after our hols. He looked so happy and healthy and was all fluffy fom his bath. They told me he was very lively (no surprises there!) and that he had loved everything and everyone! It is such a relief to know that he can be left without worrying about him now. They fed him naturediet which they keep a supply of and he has come straight back onto his Natural Instinct without any upset.
He was so happy to be home and made his presence felt by running straight up to our bedroom and peeing on our bed! (he has NEVER done that before) Oh what a little treasure- just what I needed with all my holiday washing an extra double duvet to wash and dry! :rolleyes:
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Dexter is home then ... with a little gift for you on the bed :)

He sounds like he had a good hols too xxx Great news
It is such a relief when you find a good kennels and you can leave them without worry - sorry about your bed - Izzy did that to me a few months ago - I was standing watching her!!!!
What a relief! I bet you're really pleased to have him home with you again x
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