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Dexter is home!

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We drove 6 hours round trip to get Dexter yesterday and he is a remarkably adorable puppy. Ok, so I guess everyone thinks their puppy is the cutest. He slept in his crate in our room and I took him out to potty twice. Otherwise he would calm down when I stuck my fingers in the cage. He has had a few pee pee accidents but we are trying to get him out at the appropriate times. One question I had. His breeder said she only fed him twice a day but I have only read that they need to be fed 3 times a day at 7 weeks. I fed him twice today and am feeding him dinner in a bit. He seems less fussy with that. Anyway, all seems to be going well. Less anxious then I was before.
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aww you need to post photos.

sounds like he is doing well, as for the food if you want to feed him 3 times a day simply split his 2 meals into 3, my echo dropped herself to 1 meal very young, she just refused to eat during the day and would only eat at night with the other two.
Benny started off at three meals, but fairly quickly went down to two. I think it depends more on the dog than anything. If he's willing to eat three times a day, you can feed him. If not, cut back one of his meals.

As kendal said, we need pictures. :D
I want to add pictures and I can to the gallery just not here. I don't know the url for the pictures.
click on the photo it will give you two linck underneeth it, use the IMG one just coppie the whole thing and past it in your post.
Dexter is a cutie!

I fed Jack three times a day, but found that he wouldn't eat his lunchtime food. So now I feed him when we get up and then right before we eat dinner.
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