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Dicky Bag

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Had a little snigger when I saw these, but then decided that actually I hate having to carry poo bags around and there is never a bin when you need it most!
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lol this was being talkied about on another forum as was the poopstar http://www.poopsta.com/ so you dont have to touch the poo at all. lol then you have this where you never need to pick up after them lol http://youtu.be/-IrlhLF1c3k
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Not sure i could imagine putting that contraption on... are you sure it was nt an April Fool lol, but the others maybe... like your ad said Sarah no more photos with poo bags in. We just got a film developed and I've got a bag in my hand on most of the shots x
lol i think its bigger in japan than in the usa and never made it over here. lol cant se my lot with it either. i found that vidio 3 years ago it was so funny, their are well over 20 different videos on youtube for it. this one was the first one i found and its even worse http://youtu.be/gECohW90C3M
How weird (the video)! My problem is that Izzy's poo does not smell and I often forget it is in my bag!!!!! Good old NI.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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