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Do dogs burp???

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lol no I haven't been drinking but my daughter and I were talking about Blossoms arrival this evening and she asked me this question!! Erm, I haven't got a clue.:eek:
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Yes definately,my lot do it occasionally after a meal,its hysterical,makes us laugh lol xxx
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haha oh dear, I will tell her in the morning...I can hear the giggles already. :eek::rolleyes::laugh:
Thankfully Beau hasn't yet but I know dogs definitely do :D X
lol Lady has never burped audibly....but that is funny
lol yeah and its often quite funny when it happens lol Incas a burper
OMG Milly is a right burper. Monty doesn't.

She has us in stitches because you could be watching TV and then she just burps. Not at all ladylike :laugh::laugh:
Holly has the loudest burp ever :eek: and usually does it when you are telling her how cute she is!!!!!!! Bayley doesn't burp he has more manners :D
Yes Izzy does, particularly after woofing her food down. And, from the other end - not so funny!
Ha ha! Yes, Rufus does! Usually when he's looking up and I'm talking to him nose to nose! Charming fella!

Karen x
Betty does not burp but often gets the hiccups!!
Betty does not burp but often gets the hiccups!!
awwwww!!! I bet that is cute and funny
awwwww!!! I bet that is cute and funny
It is ,but not sure that either shocking or getting her to drink out of a
glass backwards is going to help!!
hahhaha maybe spinning in a circle??? lol ;)
Eddie usually does a big smelly burp after pinching the cat food YUK!!!
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