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Yes, absolutely. Millie was exactly the same. We came home with Royal Canin from the breeder and Millie didn't seem to want to eat it. So chatting with the vet they sold me their recommended brand (stocked in the vets!) and that was Science Plan. Millie ate it for a few weeks, then wouldn't touch it. So we swapped to something else and the same thing happened. Finally we tried Arden Grange still kibble and again she ate it for a few weeks and stopped.

At this point I decided it was kibble that she didn't like. So after much research swapped her over to a BARF diet and put her on Natural Instinct a pre made balanced meal of raw meat, bones, vegetables and oils. She eats this much better than kibble, but she is still prone to not eating every so often ie skips a meal or two. I think she just is sometimes not hungry is is hoping for something more tasty.

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