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I know exactly what you are going through! We had/have this same problem with Scarlett. We never fed her table scraps, and she only got treats when we were working on training her (toileting, recall, etc.). She would refuse to eat. She loved tripe on her food, but I didn't think it was a good idea for her to be eating that all of the time. I tried microwaving the food, softening it with water, all kinds of things, and she just wouldn't eat it. We were told to try putting out a couple of bowls of different types of kibble (we got some free sample packs, all good, healthy kibbles) and see if she gravitated towards one kind. She didn't like any of them! Wouldn't eat any of it. The next thing that we were told was to just put her food out for half hour or an hour and take it away if she didn't eat it. Keep doing this at all meals, and she will eventually get hungry enough to eat. This is what worked for us. She didn't eat for a whole day but was very hungry by her next meal. Even now, at 6 months, sometimes she doesn't want to eat. She never gets really excited and runs directly to her food, but she eats it. Sometimes she only eats 2 of her 3 meals in the day and sometimes she eats all of her food. But the important thing to me is that she was still growing, she still had energy, her stools were all still normal. I wish you luck with all of this, I know how frustrating it can be when your puppy doesn't want to eat!
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