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Does my puppy hate kibble?

Has anyone ever dealt with a stubborn Cockapoo that doesn’t want to eat kibble? My 4 month old Lacey doesn’t seem keen on it at all. In fact she seems to be holding out for treats and/or whatever we are eating although she’s never fed scraps and only gets treats during training times. This has only been a problem for the last few weeks. I plan to bring this up with her vet but I really don’t feel that it’s due to a medical issue. Aside from turning her nose up at kibble she is quite playful and energetic. Her behaviour hasn’t changed, she’s not lethargic, her stools are good, etc. She just seems to be quite headstrong and not pleased with a bowl of kibble. She’ll sniff it and then walk away. However she'll resort to acrobatics to get my food. Even though she never gets it she never backs down.

When she first came home at 8 weeks we started her on Simply Nourish which is a Pet Smart (maybe just a Canadian store?) Brand but decided to switch to Royal Canin Medi-Cal from the vet. She ate this well enough but her stools were awful. The vet advised that there is likely too much omega for her system and to try something else. I then tried Fromm’s Puppy formula but she didn’t seem to like this at all so I decided to transition her to Wellness in case Fromms was the issue. Unfortunately, she has the same attitude towards Wellness. I don’t want to keep changing her food! Side note – these are not cheap grocery stores brands. I’ve done my research to ensure she’s getting very healthy food.

I’ve tried soaking it in hot water to make it softer. Also warmed chicken broth and lately a few mashed blueberries. Not all at once! They help a bit but she’s still not eating close to what the package says she should be eating. With lots of coaxing she’ll eat some so it’s not as if she’s not eating but I think she needs more. I’ll be lucky to get 1 Cup into her all day.

Has anyone been through this? Do you have any suggestions that I could try? My husband says she’s a dog and she’ll eat when hungry and that I shouldn’t be taking special measures to convince her to eat but Lacey is very headstrong and she’s not backing down. Please HELP!!!!!! Thank you.
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