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Does your cockapoo look like Lola?

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Hi, everyone.

I'm new to the forum and a new owner of a cockapoo. She is currently 10 weeks old and will grow to be about 10-15 lbs (mom is small amercian cocker spaniel and dad a toy poodle). I also have a lab mix. I'm just wondering if anyone has a pup that looks similar to her and could share photos of their adult pup. We're just trying to get an idea of what we can expect. Curiosity at its best! :)

Lola after we got her @ 8 weeks:

Lola with her big sister, Daisy:

Lola @ 10 weeks:
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Lola is lovely!

Molly is the same cross. She was 2 years old in November and weighs just over 5kg.

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awww! I LOVE the photo with her big sister! :) I think Molly is beautiful too :)
Hi there and welcome to the forum and congrats on being a cockapoo owner :)

Some American Toy mixes here:


and you can see how their coats have developed overtime :) I hope this helps ...
Maisie is an American Cocker x mini poodle but is particularly small. She is fully grown and 5.5kg.

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Thanks, everyone! Great resources!

Molly and Maisie are too precious!

I'm definitely thrilled to be a new cockapoo owner. I can see myself owning more than one in the future! :)
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