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dog attack

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A border terrier ran up to molly in the park and attempted to bite her.
we don't think it bit her but we were wondering if this is common and if she will be alright.

please tell us if this has happened to you and was your dog ok.
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all my girls bar Delta have been bitten by another dog Inca and Echo by the same dog.

With Gypsy i was at agility at a stables and was the last one to leave, their is a dog that is about who doesn't like other dogs and is locked away where we were their but is i was their later than normally waiting for my mum he had been let out, and he saw gypsy and charged, caught her fur but nothing more. she was fine a little shaken but fine.

with Inca we were camping and i was talking to my Friends jack Russel who came up for a cuddle and Inca came up for one too the jack got gelos and wanted me to herself and bit Inca again just fur but she healed on and we just pinned them both to keep them still so when could get her off. both were fine. 2 years later hadn't seen the in about a year and met them with Echo for the first time, Echo wanted to play and the jack didn't, she gave Echo 3 clear warnings and Echo took none off them so got bitten again just fur lol and she held on so again pined them and got her off. weeks later i found a scab on Echos head. but it had never bled and it was on th white part of her head.

it is something you have too watch for. iv had mine off lead and seen someone coming who looked nerves and i shouted that my lot were fine, she shouted back hers isn't, so i put them back on lead. and we passed happily.

was the owner about. if you ever had a problem with a dog bite check your dog over infrount of the other person, if you feel in any doubt exchange details with them.

once had a friend who's dog pinned another dog a pure white German Shepperd she owner didn't check her but said she was fine, the exchanged details anyway, the owner then called my friend saying her dog was bleeding badly hand had to have stitches at the vet, she wanted my friend to pay her the vet fees but not at the vets and would let her see the dog. (my friend did pay, fool that she is) i still believe nothing was wrong with the dog as with a white coat you would have seen it.

so yeas always be awair of the dogs around but stil stay relaxed.
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agree fully with Kendal. We were out with Jess today and we came across a Boxer X. I called Jess back to the lead as did the owner of the Boxer. After a chat it turned he can be a bit unpredictable. Later a black and white Spaniel with its nose to the ground posed no threat at all. Its a case of being aware of your situation. 'Situational awareness' in military terms.
Dylan was badly attacked by a staff when he was 4 months old - it was on a lead but just lunged for him as we walked past - fortunately he was not too badly injured but it took 3 of us several frantic minutes to get him out of the staff's jaws. It was very traumatic for him and for me and was a couple of months to resocialise him back to normal. As he got bigger I feel he is less vulnerable now and I'm back to being relaxed. We get the odd Jack Russell aggression but that doesn't bother me too much. I walk him in places where most of the owners are sensible, and one of the reasons I got him castrated was because I believe they are less targets of aggression once neutered.
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