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Archie stops at every bush, lamp post, plant, tree, fence for a sniff and a...well it's not even a wee. It's a dribble, often not even that. Drives me crazy. Not sure what little girls do.
Haha! yes, we've just hit that phase too! - although only noticeable on a lead walk, which we don't do much of. At least on an off-lead walk I can just carry on walking and he soon catches me up.

That aside, from my own experience, that is the only real difference. I think in terms of behaviour, character, temperament, etc, it's going to be down to each individual dog. I was told that bitches tend to favour one person in the family over another and that dogs spread their affection across the family but that hasn't applied to us and Biscuit follows me everywhere!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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