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Halloween is coming up then bonfire night etc lots of dates that popular for fire works.

if your planning on using DAP or other calming products start using it now. the DAP is a synthetic hormone based on the hormone from the mothers milk, it takes time for the hormone to build up in the dogs system so will have no effect if you decide to plug it in when you hear the first bang.

if your dog is having issues Do Not cuddle them if they are crying, it will only make them worse. just turn up the telling and act normal.

if you have a garden and can see some fireworks from their you can stand out and watch them giving treats to your dog.

i know some people who take their dogs to fire work displays with them.

even go out a wee walk, if you hear a bang don't take any knowtis of it, if your not bothered your dog should fallow your lead. you are pack leader and if you show everything is fine then your dog will accept everything is fine.
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