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Last night Freddy was making a very loud and strange noise, which at first I was very alarmed about, until I realised he was dreaming.....

He was making a kind of "whoop whoop" noise in his sleep.

Just wondered what noises your cockapoos make, if any, when asleep. I've never had a dog before, so it could be that this is the general noise a dog makes when its dreaming :D
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Lady has made a bunch of different noises....from wimpers to full out barks, to huffs and then some weird noise i don't even know how to describe....she makes me laugh when she is in full dream mode.
Dexter's legs move as well when he is dreaming!
Jarvis sounds like he's eating...wines and makes little whoop noises, he sometimes whimpers and flicks his legs like he is running. He sometimes shows the whites of his eyes (scary) he woke up yesterday with his tongue sticking out a little at the front, it took him a while to get it back in his mouth lol!! X

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Yep Hope does the high pitched whoop/woof noise, twitching legs, but my favourite has to be the suckling!! She makes the loudest suckling noise, with her tongue sticking out a little (once snuck my finger into her mouth.. Very brave :eek: and sure enough she was suckling like she was still on her mummy ahhhh)...

She is nearly five months and still does it now :)
Bobs makes all sorts of yips and squeeks. He is currently fast asleep on the settee and his tail is wagging like crazy so I guess he must be having a nice dream now.

My previous dog used to frighten the life out of me at times. He used to sleep on the end of my bed and now and again, when he was dreaming, he would howl like a wolf!
Millie makes little whimpering noises and twitches :)

Last night she started barking, but alas it wasn't in her sleep :confused: She was guarding the top of the stairs. :)
Buddy makes barking noise's and his legs twitch (as if he's running) its so cute i could watch for hours!
Haha Pickle makes little yip yip noises and grumbles sometimes. I wonder what they are dreaming about?

I know for my first 7 nights of owning him, he crept into my dreams somehow EVERY night!!! I'm sleeping better now :D
Tilly dreams a lot, sometimes all 4 feet are going at once & she yaps as though she is chasing something. At other times she turns her lips up as though she is growling at something.
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