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Ear Discharge

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Hello Everyone, this is my first post and hopefully not the last :)

I felt like some issues I have with Charlie can be a bit frustrating in terms of its origin.. hopefully you have some advice which I can follow in this instance.

I know that Cockapoos are prone to ear infections. With Charlie, our 6 year old cockapoo, we had infection of his right year in December 2022. Went to the vet, gave him prescribed medicine for 2 weeks (Aurimic). A week later an infection came back so we went back to the vet and gave additional course of Aurimic. After 2 weeks of medicine we had a break of 3 weeks as we were away (this is end of January - beginning of February) and Charlie was staying with my MIL (who didn't give any medicine to him). When we came back, mid February, I noticed that his infection came back, for a week I continued giving him the usual Aurimic... but no visual success, in addition Charlie started yelping every time he would scratch his ear.. Off to the vet we went again.

We got some painkillers to deal with his pain and steroids. This time they also prescribed Easotic, since Aurimic wasn't helping anymore. After a week of this course of medicine we stopped the pills and continued with another week of Easotic. After a week when we stopped it, the ear was once again flooded with discharge.

Went to vet again.. (March)

Our vet said that it is just an yeasty discharge, not an infection. We just need to flush this ear twice a day (but not overclean it...) for some time until it goes away...

It's been almost a month now, cleaning one ear twice a day, the yeast still accumulates every day (morning starts with shaking his head), surely we can do something to stop this???!

P.S. I saw an add about probiotics, so decided to try, Charlie has been on probiotics for the past two weeks now... no change so far.
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Hi Kristina, ears can be difficult to treat and if not sorted out shaking /scratching can lead to a haematoma forming.
I can only suggest going back to the vet and as this has been going on for so long maybe a swab would be a good idea to make sure there isn't a bacterial infection also a stronger treatment .

Poor Charlie , it must be horrid for him I hope you can get it sorted soon.
Absolutely agree, poor Charlie :( he also got blind last March so it was definitely one of the hardest years for him so far..

We did a swab test in March which showed us that he has a bacterial infection for which we got prescribed steroids, pain killers and anti bacterial ear spray... We did it for two weeks and then we thought it cleared away.

As an update: we took Charlie for another vet appointment, as he started yelping every time he would scratch behind his ear. The vet said that this is the same bacterial infection since March, so we are back on steroids and Easotic for another two weeks...

Fingers crossed this will finally help his ears.

EDIT: Also the vet suggested using scrunchie to put his ears up to increase ear-flow in his ears, bless him...
Could this be food allergy related? Some people remove all chicken or switch to raw diet or other special diet with good results.
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