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the girls and i went on a campping trip with some friends. it was echos first time and she loved it but i think the wind made her a bit uneasy in the tent for the first wee while. but other than that she had fun.

it rained abit on the night we camped but we were very pleased that we had made fier lol

the next morning was much better

inca spent 2 or 3 hours chasing a bird. she never wen far from site but she was shattered when she cam back

i eventualy had to go fetch her

absolutly done in

nope shes still with us

it might have been me taking the photo that caused the little accident lol

we just about gave up the will to live trieing to take down one of the tents

the girls in the care on the way home

inca was on my lap so could get a photo of her
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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