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Okay, this is the grossest thing I've ever seen in my life and I'm literally about to puke.
Jersey was humping his pillow and no one was around so I just let him then he got an erection. He acted like it hurt and seemed upset. He should be neutered. I mentioned before he gets "hard" and two little balls swell up when hes really excited. Does this mean they grew back and just haven't dropped in or is this normal. Should I take him to the vet? Is this going to happen forever????

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having never owned a male dog i cant realy help. i do know a number of male dog njtered and intact that go hard when humpping, but not sure about the balls, i dont think it is phisicaly posible for them to grow back?

i know of a nuterd male who tied with thir femail before she was nutered(thats when they actualy mate and they are stuck together for a couple of minutes to and hour.)

interested to hear what others say.

what age did you get him?
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