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Wow! I never got that e-mail, perhaps cause my settings to allow emails are off? Anyways, thanks for posting this so i can read it too!
I know that crossbreeding is a touchy subject, and to some extents I don't agree with, especially when i see dogs crossed with 4 different breeds!
Cockapoos have been around for at least 50-60 yrs that I know of, and should be a recognized breed as far as I am concerned. If this lady has such a problem with it, she should be emailing backyard inexperienced breeders and not people who already own and love them! I do agree that some places charge ridiculous amounts for fancy breeds, here in Canada i see labradoodles and goldendoodles for well over $2000 dollars! crazy! My first approach is to always find a dog at a shelter first...we were looking for a goldendoodle but just couldn't justify paying big bucks, so we looked at rescue groups for almost a year until we found our little cockapoo.
Anyways, most pedigrees today are results of crossbreeding somewhere down the line, so whats the big deal really? Has anyone seen the BBC One documentry "Pedigree Dogs exposed" Big eye opener for me, I think what those breeders are doing is far more worse than some kinds of crossbreeding!! Some pedigrees are actually genectic defects! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pedigree_Dogs_Exposed
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